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This is the Europe I am proud of.

 ·   1 min read

I am in tears. Finally (!) Austria and Germany show some compassion and welcome refugees. The outpouring of support for refugees is humbling. “By Saturday afternoon, officials in Vienna had to ask...

Africa is not a country.

 ·   1 min read

Why is Africa not a country? Guess what, it’s a continent. It consists of 55 individual countries, yet western journalists insist on referring to it as one place. They generally don’t differentiate...

Visiting The New UWC Robert Bosch College

 ·   2 min read

UWC Robert Bosch College is one of two new colleges set to open in 2014 and will be the first UWC in Germany. Based in Freiburg in the South-west of the country,...

“Nobody has the intention of building an airport!”*

 ·   2 min read

Those were the words that passed through my mind when I got on the impossibly crowded bus to Berlin Tegel airport. I’ve never seen so many people unintentionally hugging each other. I...

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